Wisdom Teeth Removal
Scarsdale, NY

The molars at the very back of your mouth that usually make their appearance between your late teens and early twenties are your wisdom teeth. These teeth actually start developing around age 10. You've probably heard about wisdom teeth or are even dealing with them right now. Because human jaws are genetically getting smaller, as wisdom teeth develop, they will commonly become “crowded out” and develop in odd directions. Their past utility is not necessary anymore and they can cause problems associated with the jaws, teeth, and surrounding structures. At New York Oral, Maxillofacial, and Implant Surgery, wisdom teeth removal is a very common procedure in our office.

If you are recommended to consider removal of your wisdom tooth, a consultation visit with one of our experienced oral surgeons is usually recommended. Before considering removing your tooth, we will start by taking digital x-rays to confirm that they need to be removed. If removing the wisdom tooth is advisable, the procedure can be done by administering a local anesthetic into your gums to numb the area. Some patients might need sedation if they're anxious about the procedure or if they require wisdom tooth removal in multiple areas; this will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Once the anesthetic takes effect, first we'll use specialized instruments to expose the tooth, so we're able to remove it. We’ll then use other instruments and sometimes a dental drill to remove the tooth. The anesthetic will ensure that even if you feel some pressure, you won't feel any pain. Some cases require stitches, but these are dissolvable. The stitches typically dissolve in 3-5 days.

When Surgery Might Be Required

If the wisdom tooth is impacted (meaning that it is buried under the gum, in the jawbone, or developing at an odd angle,) surgery may be necessary. Thankfully, this is a small minor surgical procedure. You will be given a local anesthetic to numb the tooth and the surrounding area. For the removal of impacted teeth, it's more common to also receive mild sedation.

We will make a small incision to expose the tooth if it's covered by gum tissue. We'll then expose the tooth and remove it with specialized instruments. If a portion of the wisdom tooth is covered by bone, then a small drill is used to remove some of the bone around the tooth. The drill can also be used to split the tooth into different sections to make it easier to remove in separate pieces. Rest assured, we will always be as conservative and minimally invasive as possible.

When Do Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed?

It's not necessary to remove wisdom teeth if they emerge without any problems and are not causing any pain. If problems arise as the tooth is emerging, that’s when you should visit our office to determine if removal is necessary and the best way to proceed. Wisdom teeth are more likely to become infected or decayed because they're at the very back of your mouth, which makes them difficult to reach for daily cleaning.

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Wisdom teeth extraction is a very common procedure in our Scarsdale office. Luckily, our oral surgeons are here to help. Click to learn more.
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