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Blonde young woman smiling after gum grafting appointment at New York Oral, Maxillofacial, and Implant Surgery in Scarsdale, NYYour gums are an essential part of your mouth, playing important roles in your oral health and the aesthetics of your smile. The gum tissue sits tight against your teeth, providing a protective seal against bacterial invasion. When your gums recede, both your oral health and your smile are greatly affected. At New York Oral, Maxillofacial, and Implant Surgery, our oral surgeons can restore the damage left behind by gum recession with a gum graft.

Causes of Gum Recession

There are several different causes of gum recession:
•  Gum disease. This is one of the biggest causes of the recession. Bacteria that travels under the gums leads to inflammation. Your gums pull away from your teeth, and the tissue dies.
•  Brushing your teeth too hard.
•  Bruxism.
•  Smoking, or the use of other tobacco products.
•  Age.

What Is a Gum Graft?

A gum graft is a surgical procedure designed to restore areas of recessed or lost gum tissue. The tissue is typically taken from elsewhere in your body (usually from another location inside your mouth, aka donor site) and stitched over the exposed areas of your teeth (the recipient site). There are some instances when we may choose to use tissue from a separate individual, or even use regenerative materials.

Surgery begins with a local anesthetic at the surgical sites. A sedative, which will allow you to relax, can also be provided if you are feeling anxious about your procedure. We then harvest the donor tissue and suture it over the affected area. As you heal from your procedure, the tissues grow together and reform a tight seal around your teeth.

Types of Gum Graft

There are a few different types of gum graft:
•  Connective tissue graft. With this type of graft, we use tissue from the roof of your mouth. We make a small incision in the palate and remove some of the tissue from underneath. This type of tissue is excellent for covering exposed roots.
•  Free gingival graft. This type of graft uses tissue directly from the roof of your mouth. This results in a larger open wound. However, a free gingival graft is preferable when firmer tight (keratinized) tissue is required.
•  Pedicle graft. This graft uses surrounding gum tissue. Incisions are made strategically to allow the tissue to maintain the blood supply, then it is rearranged over areas of recession. With blood vessels left in place, healing can begin immediately.

Benefits of a Gum Graft

There are many benefits associated with gum grafting:
•  Improved oral health. With your gums restored to their original place (snug and secure against your teeth, you are protected from bacteria falling below the gumline and attacking your teeth and jawbone.
•  Tooth sensitivity is diminished.
•  Gum recession can affect your smile and your confidence. A gum graft restores a natural gumline, which can go a long way in restoring the beauty of your smile. With your smile restored, you will regain your confidence. You won't be able to contain your smile!

If your gums have receded, leaving you with long teeth and sensitivity, a gum graft can help. Contact New York Oral, Maxillofacial, and Implant Surgery today at (914) 768-8220 to schedule your consultation and find out more!

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