Treatment of Facial & Jaw Tumors & Cysts

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Because the mouth, jaw, and face are composed of several different types of tissue including bone, teeth, muscle, glands, skin, and mucosa they are more susceptible to developing abnormal growths as compared to other parts of the body.

As Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, Dr. Orentlicher and Dr. Horowitz are specialists in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of diseases of the face and jaws.  These may include benign cysts and tumors and more aggressive growing processes that may become cancerous. Additionally, they are experts in the treatment of severe infections of the mouth, face, salivary glands, and neck.


A tumor is a growth resulting from an overproduction of cells. When they occur, they are most commonly benign, non-cancerous growths that do not spread.  However, a very small percentage could become cancerous.

Cysts are similar to tumors. They may appear as a bump or a lump, but they are fluid filled sacs.


Facial and jaw cysts and tumors often do not have any symptoms. They are usually discovered during routine examinations or on routine radiographs. When they do cause symptoms, they typically present as a non-painful bump or lump.  However, in some cases they can become painful.

Diagnosis and Treatment

If a cyst or tumor has been diagnosed or suspected based on physical examination or radiographs, Drs. Orentlicher and Horowitz may use several different modalities to further evaluate the process.  Definitive treatment will depend on the exact microscopic diagnosis. Drs. Orentlicher and Horowitz are experts in managing and treating these processes and are available to discuss any and all treatment options.

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